Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are?
Poppers Unlimited Aromas is an online store for room aromas and accessories. We stock all your favourite room aromas on the market at the best price.
What is room aromas?
Room aromas are designed to be placed in the corner of a room to release a pleasant odour with aphrodisiac and aroma-therapeutic properties. They are great for a romantic night with a partner, or a full blown party.
What are the most popular brands?
Rush is a firm favourite, as are the old school brands such as Liquid Gold, Pure Gold and English. There are also new brands on the market, and we try to stock all of them. Make sure you check out our popular mix-packs, party pack and 25ML bottles of Jungle Juice, Berlin and Potent Blue.
How do I order?
Simply add the products you are interested in to your cart and then complete our 128 bit encrypted secure payment process. You will receive an order confirmation shortly followed by a shipping confirmation giving full details of your order.
How long will it take to receive my order?
UK orders are sent out by standard 48 hours tracked postal service, and can take 2 - 5 working days.

International orders are sent by standard Air Mail (trackable for larger orders). When the package reaches your country, the delivery is handled by your domestic postal service network, so delivery times are often dependant on the reliability of your country's postal network. Typically, orders within the EU and USA (and Canada) take around 7 - 10 days. Other destinations may take up to 14 or more days.
Do you ship to everywhere in the world?
It is your responsibility to check the legality of importing isopropyl nitrite in your jurisdiction or you may experience delays or problems with the delivery of your order. There are a number of countries that we are unable to ship to. If your country is not visible on the country list when you complete checkout, then unfortunately we cannot send to your country, without exception.
What about customs?
Packages are marked on the customs declaration as "room aromas". Very rarely parcels may be opened by customs, so it is your responsibility to check the legality of importing isopropyl nitrite in your jurisdiction. Please note that this is not applicable to customers in the European Union, as there are no customs.
Are there any handling instructions for the products you sell?
Yes. Isopropyl nitrite is a highly toxic and flammable chemical that should be handled with extreme care, and with careful attention to all the warnings on the bottle label. Under no circumstance should aroma products be inhaled directly from the bottle. Due care and attention should be paid to guidance given with other herbal stimulant products we sell.
How do I contact Poppers Unlimited Aromas?
You can email us at: